Monday, February 05, 2007

Yarn Pr0n Monday, Vol 3

Mmm yes. It is time for some serious yarn pr0n today. So much loveliness, so little time.

I went to the Full Thread Ahead sale during the halftime show of the Super Bowl. Thankfully the Bears scored twice in the first half so we got 45% off our purchase.

First up: Cherry Tree Hill Cascade Lace in the Sugar Maple colorway. My first laceweight yarn purchase. I am excited to make a shawl out of this, the first CTH yarn I saw was this yarn.

I also got a skein of Interlacements Toasty Toes yarn in color 410 English Garden. I am still enchanted by their dyes. I could have bought more of this yarn in a different color very easily.

Next up is Misti Alpaca 100% Baby Alpaca chunky yarn in color 701. This stuff is very lovely.

I also purchased Cascade Yarns Sassy Stripes yarn in color 715. This was bought to be turned into socks for my hubby:

I also bought some of this delicious Cyprus Mohair yarn (color 11101). This stuff is 85% acrylic, 15% mohair. We had been wondering about it pilling with so much acrylic content but the floor sample scarf didn't seem to be knit and I'm sure that we weren't the only ones groping it so it probably will hold up without too much unwanted fuzzing.

And last but not least, I bought 8 skeins of Vickie Howell's Love yarn from SWTC. At 45% off, I just couldn't resist getting a skein of most of the colors!! Shown below, top row (L-R): Ennis & Jack, Andi & Blaine, June & Johnny. Bottom Row (L-R): Jack & Sally, Joel & Clementine, Mulder & Scully, Peter & Mary Jane.

Yes, that is only 7 skeins pictured. The 8th is in emergency balling hell. This stuff is so slippery. I was dropping skeins all over the store. Every time I heard someone say "Did someone drop this skein of Love?" I knew it was me. This one was, at one point, about 7 feet away from me with a trail of yarn leading to my arms. This is the Lloyd & Diane colorway:

I hit a knot in the skein and I'm stumped how to untangle it. My elbow is still quite sore from having my purse draped off it, so I'm not quite prepared to sit and futz with un-knotting the skein. I am sure there is more un-knotting to be done in another couple of twists of the ballwinder. Ugh.

I believe the Love yarn is destined for scarves. I will use some of it in a multi-color scarf I think. The colors all work so well together. I would love to knit this into an Argosy scarf, though it will have to be multi-colored since the scarf takes ~280 yards and the Love skeins are only 90ish yards. Vickie also posted her ascot pattern on her blog today. I will possibly (probably) turn one of the skeins into one of these. Not that I think it will necessarily fit ME, I think it would make a nice present.

So that's the end of my Super Bowl sale purchases. I am quite in love with the yarn I purchased. I can hardly wait to get knitting on it. First I must finish the Paris socks however. Then I knit other yummy things.

My postman was also very good to me today. I got my February yarn of the month from Posh Yarn. Again in their Lucia line, this color is "Kiss Me". It's a very soft pastel colored yarn. I am looking forward to basking in these yummy socks.

I wait with baited breath for my first Socks that Rock yarn club yarn to come in. Mmm. Sock yarn...


Julia said...

girl, I think I tripped over you when you were going after that Love yarn! I bought 3 skeins (same color) of the Love and haven't figured out what to do but figured it was enough for a nice scarf...

DaFawnz said...

Yuck that love yarn looks miserable, and I bet even when you've wound it it is going to keep jumping off the ball. Too bad, it is such yummy stuff. What can you say though, Yay yarn sale...

hakucho said...

Wow, that's an incredible stash iof yarn you have :) Absolutely beautiful!

Tangled up yarn is the pits...but sometimes if I'm in the mood it's rather like a puzzle. Definitely worth it to detangle!

happy knitting :)